Eco Friendly Recycled Menorahs 2011

recycled steel menorah Recycled steel pipe menorahs ...also available are menorahs created from galvanized steel for $140.00 on sale at notschlock



recycled glass menorah Several styles available created out of recycled glass by Canadian artist Jacques Rivard and Francine Brunet. for $220.00 at Vertige Glass



Recycled LED Motherboard Menorah - it has switches to allow you to light each individual day of Chanukah. $18.99 at



If you are interested in a more organic material, this Menorah is made from recycled French oak wine barrels. Beautiful pieces. Various prices at Sill Novo Design's Etsy Shop



eco friendly menorah Very cute idea to include the little ones in the menorah lighting tradition. This set features "button hole flames" that the children can put into place themselves. Created from recycled sweaters. $60.00 at Again Goods' Etsy Shop



Made of recycled circuit boards, this menorah takes your Chanukah celebration to new "green" heights! $24.50 at Amazon