Recycled Pull Tabs, Pop Tabs, Pop Tops ??

TweetIt from HubSpot pinkandsparkly.jpg Pink and Sparkly up-cycled aluminum pop can tab purse. $40.00 at Sarah Roemer's Etys Store socorro_silver_650.jpg This is for when you need something versatile!! Works equally well during the day or as an elegant evening bag. Hand crocheted with over 700 recycled aluminum pull-tabs. Nicely lined with one inside zip pockets. This bag is a screamer! $95.00 at Escama tonia_silver_650.jpg For the evening on the town, this will carry your bare essentials. The strap is quality faux leather. Free from animal cruelty while recycling 350 aluminum pop tabs. $77.00 at Escama masha_silver_650.jpg For regular everyday, this may be the perfect sized bag. Not only made entirely of recycled materials but these eco-friendly bags are fair-trade and engage socially empowering business practices employing Brazilian craftswomen in the hand production of these bags. Each bag comes signed with a note from the artisan who made the bag. $160.00 at Escama Escama Studio Video
We are not silly enough to think that keeping a few pop tabs out of the landfill is going to save the world; but we believe in our hearts that the true power comes from creating beautiful things out of trash. If one person opens their mind just a little tiny bit in the direction that not EVERYTHING needs to be created from scratch just to then be thrown away, a beautiful new bag has brightened the world.
If you want to Recycle the Pull Tops in Your Life:
Interesting twist to donating pop tabs – there is a famous urban legend about donating pop tabs to provide kidney dialysis to those in need. The myth is busted here and here, but the Ronald McDonald House has taken advantage of the old legend by starting a real program to collect aluminum tabs. Click here for Ronald McDonald House donation details.
If you want to create something from recycled pop tops:
  • Create a pop tab bracelet: - tutorial at DIY Network
  • braceletd.jpg
  • Create pull tab crochet flowers: - Tutorial from Craftzine
  • pulltabcrochet.jpg
  • Create a Soda Can Tab Belt - Tutorial from Craftbits
  • sodacanbelt.jpg
  • Create a Pop Can Tab Purse - Tutorial from Craftster
  • Purchase recycled pop tabs on Ebay here!
    if you want more instructions on MORE things to make with recycled pop tops. pull-tab-dress.jpg Ebooks: Keeping Tabs – Amazing decorations made from aluminum can pull-tabs $10.75 at Aluminous Publishing Books: Pop-topping Paperback By Pop-Top Terp and Kenneth Patton at Amazon
    More Recycled Pop Tab Products to Purchase:
    novicaflowerpoptab.jpg This original creation is from a Braziian artist,l Neide Ambrosio, who puts a bit more crochet in her poptop creations. $129.95 at popbackpack.jpg A backpack lets you keep your hands free to shop and carry the rest of your loads. Recycled pop tabs crocheted by hand with black thread. Fair trade with artists from Brazil. $114.93 at popbelt.jpg This belt is very flexible and adjustable and oh so ecological. Made out of recycled pop tops. $48.95 at sweet-birch.jpg Made from 22 hand-picked and polished soda can tabs and woven with silver or gold elastic and adorned with bead accents. Perfect accessory for you to make a very "green" statement. $20.50 at Repurposed 4 You earring1.jpg Funky and fun a quick easy way to show the world where your ears are at when it comes to saving the earth and reusing a few of its resources. $10.00 at Close the Loop colorpoptab.jpg Colorful poptab purse made by Indie artist, Pop Top Lady. It has a colorful yellow cotton lining and closes with a magnetic snap. $75.00 at PopTopLady's Etsy Shop pulltabbracelet.jpg Recycled pull tabs combined with recycled cowhide leather from discards from furniture makers makes a luxurious soft bracelet. Handmade and no two are alike. Your choice of many colors of leather. $14.95 at Save the World Designs TweetIt from HubSpot