Recycled T Shirts

We’re all spent from the holiday and now need to regroup and make something beautiful for ourselves that doesn’t cost a lot of money! Everyone has a spare T-shirt hanging around. Check out the beautiful ideas:
recycled Tshirts - flowers



This neckware is created by Etsy seller Johnny Vegas Originals. Lots of different colors and styles available for sale in his Etsy shop. Can you imagine anything more comfortable to wear?



This creative craftster cut up her t-shirts and made yarn out of it which she then knitted to make dishtowels. I’m sure they are nice and soft and absorbent! See her tutorials here>>



Save the planet in more ways than one by passing up the paper or plastic dilemma at the grocery story and making your own bags from recycled T-shirts. Here’s the tutorial>>



How cute are these ruffle shirts – made from recycled Tshirts?

Tutorial 1:
Tutorial 2:



Cool pompom tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous to create a bit of whimsey wherever you may need a bit of fun in your life. You will never look at an old Tshirt in the same way again!



Lots of beautiful flower tutorials ready to be created in a variety of fabrics >> Most are ready for purchase for $6.00 each.



Want to create an entire bouquet of flowers? Perfect for your relative or friend who is allergic to the real deal. These look beautiful and they are fun to make!

Create your own wedding flowers>>



Hat tutorial! Perfect for babies and their delicate noggins! Click here for the tutorial>>



What about these simple Upcycled / Recycled T-Shirt Bangles? Nice and detailed Tutorial available here>>



Tutorial from Martha Stewart living includes a video for step by step instructions. These are elegant and casual at the same time. They will go with everything!



I want to try creating a one-of-a-kind scarf, the possibilities are endless to make something fun and colorful. Here’s the tutorial>>

Bracelets and necklaces made from recycled CDs

I wish I knew more about the process used by this artist who transforms recycled CD’s into these wonderful works of art! Bracelets, earrings and necklaces in all kinds of shapes and colors. I looked for a tutorial, but didn’t find one ….if you know how she did it, please leave a url in the comments. These products are sold on which seems to be an international Etsy-like site filled with crafters and artisans selling their unique or limited edition, handmade products.
5.00 € to 15.00 € at Whiteguppy’s Shop at Dawanda

Recycled Art from Children’s Drawings

Inspired by drawings made by children, this artwork is created from recycling and repurposing plastic and fabric to make these fascinating creatures! This particular item is not for sale, but you can scan your child’s drawing along with the story behind it and this artist can transform it to a 3 dimensional creature made of (and stuffed with) recycled plastic bags and fabric scraps.
Prices vary from about $35.00 to $75.00 depending on size and complexity at Handmade Classroom Etsy Shop

Fantastic Recycled Plastic

recycled plastic
Working entirely with post-consumer recyclable plastics, artist David Edgar started creating creatures from the sea in the form of fish with sizes ranging to small pieces of jewelry up to large wall hangings. He has since moved into making jellyfish lamps. He was having so much fun making these creatures, he got together with his wife and wrote a book. You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy Fantastic Recycled Plastic. Just reading and viewing the full-color pages will inspire you to recycle, learn more about plastic, and appreciate the art. Makes me want to start saving my detergent bottles.

Here’s one of his pins available for sale on Plastiquarium’s Etsy Shop

From the Plastiquarium:
Bluetail Reef Cruiser 23 x 36 x 5

Snub-Nosed Green Feeder 21 x 36 x 4

The Big Mouth 15 x 20 x 5

Fantastic Recycled Plastic: 30 Clever Creations to Spark Your Imagination [Paperback] by David Edgar and Robin A. Edgar is available on Amazon