About Us

About GreatGreenGoods

GreatGreenGoods is a shopping blog. We believe if you truly want to live 'green' you should shop mindfully and live with less. However, if you really need to purchase, we make it our job to dig up the ordinary as well as the unusual eco-friendly products created from recycled materials.

Our products generally fall under two main categories: 1) products that help you live lighter on the earth or 2) products made out of recycled or sustainable materials.

GreatGreenGoods was launched in July 2005, back in the protozoic days of Green Blogging. As we have honed our voice and listened to feedback, we now focus exclusively on products made out of recycled materials. GreatGreenGoods recently moved across the country from our old hometown, Boston to our new hometown, San Diego.

GreatGreenGoods has been featured in: The Wall Street Journal, Economist.com, The Palm Beach Post, The Roanoke Times, The Washington Post, Dayton Daily News, USA Today, and The New York Times. To view all the popular press coverage, check out our press page.