Shower repair information

BathroomStepWIf you’ve ever lived in a place mildewed carpets and rotting wood floors or grungy tiles coming loose around the shower area then you know what it’s like to put with leaking shower. Sometimes the smell of all this nastiness is enough to send you over the deep end. Fixing it yourself is often the first inclination but standard silicone epoxy and caulking or other shower products for leaks might hold off the problem temporarily but for a lasting fix and truly make the shower absolutely waterproof, you’re going to have to call for professional help.

What you really need is an easy solution for shower repair without having to go through all the labor and expense of removing tiles. The best approach I’ve found so far is the Megasealed solution for bathrooms. These people pioneered the ultimate sealant product called Megasealed – which was carefully formulated to end your leaking shower one and for all, without the need to remove tiles! This approach not only saves you considerable money and time but also saves you the inconvenience and labor. To seal the deal they even include a 25 year product warranty.

Your free quote determine what the cost will be for the technician to start. They say it often only takes just 3-4 hours for the average shower and degree of leaking. It only requires you wait a day before using the shower again.

Once the tiles are Megasealed, these surfaces are anti-fungal, water and grease resistant makes your bathroom much easier to clean. You may be wondering if you can just get some of this sealant on your own and apply it yourself. Not a good idea, you really need a qualified technician to insure the best result plus this is an in-house product specifically made for their service technicians, so you won’t find it in the stores. All their technicians are fully trained and certified. There is hardly any disruption to your home when the technician shows up, very little mess involved and only a very minimal smell is detected when initially applied and will dissipate quickly and all trace of the work will leave with the technician. Megasealed prides themselves on having a rigorous quality control program with a 25 year warranty.