Recycled Valentines from Etsy

Red Love paperie garland of handcut hearts. All black and white with one big red heart for drama and effect. Perfect for bringing a bit of joy and romance in to your February.
$38.00 for a string of 11 hearts (other combinations available) at PaperPolaroid’s Etsy Shop



What better way to say “I love you” than this fabulous pair of mittens made from recycled sweaters? Warm hands equals a warm heart.
$16.00 at MerchantShip’s Etsy Shop



Hand stitched heart magnets made from Eco-Fi felt which is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Love the colors!
$28.00 for a set of 10 at WhatNoMint’s Etsy Shop



Valentine Love Pillows from reclaimed antique quilt fabrics from the 1940’s appliqued on linen. A beautiful hand-made gift for the one who deserves your “x” and “o”.
$20.00 at RobinsEggBlue’s Etsy Shop



Handwoven vintage glass button bracelet from buttons from the 1960’s. Featuring one big heart at the center and created from elegant white buttons.
$15.00 at HeyCaryAnn’s Etsy shop



This is a unique and fun gift, a coffee teaspoon in an elegant pattern. Says “I love you a Latte”. Perfect for that cute little “hard to buy for” coffee drinker in your life.
$15.50 at Sycamore Hill’s Etsy Shop



This heart has been around the block a few times in its former life as a skateboard. Cut, sanded, and sealed for its new life as a great piece of jewelry. I know a certain someone who will completely appreciate the pink, silver, white and black scuffed up graphic hanging delicately from a sterling silver chain.
$28.00 at Sevenply’s Etsy Shop



Recycled Silver and White Topaz ring that has “I promise” etched on the inside of the ring. How romantic!
$50.00 at PunkyBunny300’s Etsy Shop
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Lavender Heart Sachet Valentines day Dream pillow filled with aromatic, soothing, relaxing fresh lavender and made from recycled embroidered linen. Beautiful, elegant and ecofriendly.
$8.00 at Herbolution’s Etsy Shop



A 5″ x 7″ print from a recycled vintage children’s storybook. Give the words every girl wants to hear!
$12.00 at CrowBiz’s Etsy Shop