Recycled T Shirts

We’re all spent from the holiday and now need to regroup and make something beautiful for ourselves that doesn’t cost a lot of money! Everyone has a spare T-shirt hanging around. Check out the beautiful ideas:
recycled Tshirts - flowers



This neckware is created by Etsy seller Johnny Vegas Originals. Lots of different colors and styles available for sale in his Etsy shop. Can you imagine anything more comfortable to wear?



This creative craftster cut up her t-shirts and made yarn out of it which she then knitted to make dishtowels. I’m sure they are nice and soft and absorbent! See her tutorials here>>



Save the planet in more ways than one by passing up the paper or plastic dilemma at the grocery story and making your own bags from recycled T-shirts. Here’s the tutorial>>



How cute are these ruffle shirts – made from recycled Tshirts?

Tutorial 1:
Tutorial 2:



Cool pompom tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous to create a bit of whimsey wherever you may need a bit of fun in your life. You will never look at an old Tshirt in the same way again!



Lots of beautiful flower tutorials ready to be created in a variety of fabrics >> Most are ready for purchase for $6.00 each.



Want to create an entire bouquet of flowers? Perfect for your relative or friend who is allergic to the real deal. These look beautiful and they are fun to make!

Create your own wedding flowers>>



Hat tutorial! Perfect for babies and their delicate noggins! Click here for the tutorial>>



What about these simple Upcycled / Recycled T-Shirt Bangles? Nice and detailed Tutorial available here>>



Tutorial from Martha Stewart living includes a video for step by step instructions. These are elegant and casual at the same time. They will go with everything!



I want to try creating a one-of-a-kind scarf, the possibilities are endless to make something fun and colorful. Here’s the tutorial>>

Recyced Holiday Ornaments 2011

recycled holiday ornaments
From recycled bullet casings to recycled xmas tree trunks we’ve got your holiday tree trimming covered. Whether you need to bring a little holiday cheer to your cubicle or you are decorating the douglas fir in front of the roaring fire. …Click to view the best and the beautiful holiday decorations from recycled materials>> …and here’s more recycled christmas ornaments>>

Handbags created from recycled records

recycled record purse

From Brazilian artist, Gueth Freitas, beautifully painted handbags made from recycled records. She paints on the black vinyl records with “nanquin” a Chinese ink …her designs are bold and punchy! She paints enough of the surface to give is a strong graphic look, however, if examined closely your admirers will see the classic tracks of the record. If you would like to give this as a gift, Novica includes and “artisan card” which tells the story of the artist and the materials used…it is a nice touch. There are several designs and different sizes available at

recycled record earrings

Earrings and pendant necklaces are also available from this artist using the same process of painting on recycled vinyl records. These items are playfully named “Samba Symphony” and “Samba Swing” and “Copacabana Melody”
Click here for availability and prices from