Recycled Button Jewelry

These recycled button necklaces are simple and classy! Bring a little sparkle in to your day or evening with one stunning button at the end of a sterling silver chain. Bracelets are chock full of color, textures and shapes. This artist has a great eye for picking and choosing artsy combinations using her vintage button stash. These designs are perfect for creating a lasting personal statement. From the artist Cary Lopiccolo:

I believe that your jewelry should be fun and light hearted and make you feel like that little girl who used to daydream about caterpillers and butterflies.

Necklace is $14.95 and bracelets are $14.95 at HeyCaryAnn’s Etsy Shop

Recycled Birdbaths

recycled birdbath
recycled porcelain birdbath
Ingenious idea! RecaCreations headed up by Reca Brodie creates these wonderful birdbaths from used plates, platters, saucers, cups, mugs, bowls, vases, pitchers, figurines, nicknacks, etc. These items, made from glass, ceramic, porcelain, china, pottery, can have chips, cracks, blemishes, inconsistances, flaws, etc. However each has its own personality and is ready to spread sunshine in your backyard. They help keep the birds clean too!
Top birdbath is $30.00 and bottom birdbath is $40.00 at RecaCreation’s Etsy Shop

Ties That Matter

recycled ties
I’ve recently learned about Ties That Matter which is a ‘zero waste company’. The company uses donated recycled neckties to create functional art including handbags, totebags, diaper bags, reusable grocery bags and pillows. They even stuff their pillows with leftover fabric scraps. Their good work does not stop there!! …they also engage women in Atlanta refugee and outreach centers and contribute a percentage of their profits to the homeless. If you have a special tie in your life that you would like to see incorporated into a bag or pillow, get in touch with Ties That Matter. They are happy to accommodate custom work. They also will happily take donations of your old recycled ties.
Prices range from $16.00 to $50.00 at Ties That Matter

Recycled Paper Jewelry – from Hippie Kingdom

recycled paper rings
recycled paper
recycled paper necklace
From India, recycled paper jewelry that will make you happy. Here is a statement from the artist, Devi Chand:

I make jewelry that looks happy, and passes on the happiness to the wearer. I am fascinated by bright colors and happy patterns and play a lot with them in my designs. I love to experiment with unconventional materials, techniques and combination.

I love to make recycled and eco friendly jewelry. I hate to throw away things, I stack them up. My grandma used to tell me that anything that is preserved and unused will find a use in twelve years. This has really worked for me!

Devi has her Etsy shop stocked full getting ready for the holidays. She has a whole array of eco friendly earrings, necklaces and rings made out of paper, hemp/jute and even recycled plastic straws. Perfect gift for yourself or your favorite treehugger.
Ring is $12.00 and necklace is $68.00 at HippieKingdom’s Etsy Shop