Reclaimed recycled reworked sculptural works

I was inspired by the opening at Device Gallery over Labor Day weekend. It was a feast of artists working with recycled and found materials. Beautifully crafted. Device Gallery, in the Barrio Logan district of San Diego is part of an upcoming group of galleries hoping to push the San Diego art scene…and the art scene here needs some pushing!

Here are few favorites: first up by Gregory Brotherton (the owner of Device Gallery) Some of the pieces reminded me a bit of the characters in the animated movie “9”. My favorite piece from the show, pictured below is called “The Bishop” and is made from steel, teak and a recycled boy scout backpack.

Many of his materials are gathered from junk yards and industrial liquidation houses. Here’s an interview with Greg talking about his work and another story in the SD Tribune.
Greg Brotherton: website and facebook page.

Another artist at the Device Gallery show is Jeremy Mayer. He dissects typewriters and creates full-scale anatomically correct human figures all without soldering or welding …everything is fit together with cold assembly. In addition, in the show was a life size deer made out of typewriters.

Jereny Mayer: website and facebook page.

Here are a few more of my favorites:

Paul Loughridge – more info on Paul Loughridge on the Device Gallery website.

Stephane Halleux – more info on Stephane on the Device Gallery website.
If this is your thing, here are a couple of books:

Device, Vol. 2: Reconstructed

Device, Vol. 1: Fantastic Contraption