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Gifts to “Green” Your Life

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Wrap-N-Mat® Regular, Set of 3

I need to get these for myself to bring to work…it drives me crazy to use up baggies for a simple sandwich or a piece of cheese. There are a few different styles, (including reusable sandwich bags) so check ‘em out and get the best one for the sandwich ‘toting people on your holiday list.
$18.95 for a set of three at ReUseIt.com (also sold individually)



Plastic Bag & Bottle Dryer

Sometimes it is impossible to resist the convenience of plastic bags and if you want to reuse them multiple times, here is the perfect solution for drying them out. This device is made in Canada from sustainably harvested wood. If you doubt that this might not be the best present you give this holiday season, head on over to the ReUseIt website and see that this simple item has over 150 reviews… it is loved (more like worshiped!) by everyone who buys it.
$17.95 at ReUseIt.com



Glass Dharma Set of 3 Glass Straws with Brush

This item is a bit indulgent, but if you are like me and enjoy a nice cold drink, but happen to have sensitive teeth, you know that drinking through a straw is the way to go. I love this set because it is handmade in the USA and comes with its own brush. A great ecological solution for kids (and adults) who like to drink out of a straw. The reviews over at ReUseIt.com state that even though the straws are breakable if they drop on the floor, they are pretty sturdy and hold up pretty well.
$24.95 at ReUseIt.com

ReUseIt.com has a lot of cool products, gift certificates, too.

Recycled Gifts for the Holiday Season

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Nice gift for someone who has everything. Who can’t use a catchall basket, especially at this price! Created from discarded potato chip wrappers. Perfect for holding fruit or keys.
$10.00 at BTC Elements

Created from a recycled inner tube, this belt will last forever. Strong and a little stretchy, perfect for the vegan or vegetarian in your life who likes to be stylish without wearing animals.
$38.00 at BTC Elements

Colorful, fun and Fairly traded out of Vietnam. Beautiful bowls to help you organize your desk or dresser top.
$36.00 at BTC Elements

Old record covers and post consumer paper makes up these blank journals. Perfect for the writer or artist in your life who needs a bit of color and inspiration.
$22.00 at BTC Elements

Made using a recycled bicycle gear, reclaimed vinyl seating material and American made clock gears. Perfect for the bike-loving treehugger on your list.
$32.00 at BTC Elements

For the fisherman on your list – ‘Recyclures’

Monday, November 29th, 2010

These aren’t really for fishing …their purpose is more to remind you of good fishing times. Handmade by artist Tedd McDonah who teaches metalsmithing/jewelry classes and blacksmithing classes part time at Arizona State University. These colorful lures are created from preprinted recycled steel and copper. Perfect Cabin Decor… Remember, there are two kinds of fishermen, those that fish for sport and those that catch something.
$50.00 each at Tedd McDonah’s Etsy Shop




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