Happy Easter Bunny

Created by artist, Tom Deininger, from discarded cigarette filters found in a beach parking lot. Apparently this poor bunny still reeks of disgusting old butts.

recycled cashmeer
Handstitched and made from recycled cashmere sweaters….stuffed with 100% wool.
$22.00 at Tizib’s Etsy Shop

Recycled Bunny
Made from old curtains and PJs, these cute little rabbits have personality and punch. Made in New Zealand from recycled fabrics and stuffed with natural New Zealand sheeps wool.
$39.00 NZ at WAS Ltd


Created by artist Susan Bell (a traditional wildlife painter) bunny sculptures are made entirely out of horse manure. Seen as the perfect solution to deal with vast amount of manure produced by her two horses, Bell has perfected the art of molding aged manure in plasticene molds. She also makes frogs, turtles, snails, ducks, pigeons, Presidents, cats, and squirrels.
Bunny (large) – $28.00
Baby Bunny (small) – $10.00 at Dung Bunnies

Made from one single solitary unloved sock.
$18.00 at Gooder Good’s Etsy Shop

Sad Bunny is a sculpture created by artist, John T. Unger. This piece is realized from his daughter’s sketch using recycled plate from the scrapyard.
$180.00 at John T. Unger Studio

From artist, Suzanne Proulx, Dust Bunnies are created from household dust and lint.