Recycled Plastic Rugs

recycled plastic rug

Some new offerings from Viva Terra created entirely from recycled soda bottles, candy wrappers and plastic labels. The material is transformed into plastic twine or “pline” and woven into these easy to care for rugs.
Prices range from $49.00 to $125 at VivaTerra.


This colorful spring looking rug can perk up your home at the end of this dreary winter. It is created from recycled plastic bottles and packing material scraps and since it is made from plastic, it is a cinch to clean up. Works indoor or outdoor.
Various sizes from $49.00 to $125 at VivaTerra.

recycled rug

If you are looking for a different shape to cover a room or a porch, this rug from Gaiam comes in the convenienet 6′ x 6′ shape. It comes in two colors: cranberry and silver. This all weather mat is made from 100% recycled plastic beverage bottles. What’s not to love?
$89.00 at Gaiam



recycled plastic bottle rug
Made from recycled soft drink bottles, this rug is perfect for your backyard or deck. It is comfy under your feet and brings a bit of homeyness to your outdoor space. Very durable and if you spill the wine, just hose it off.
$79.99 at Amazon