Eco-friendly Inaugural – Ball Gowns from Garbage

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Created by the awesome and talented Jamie K. McIntosh from Twisted Textiles this dress is made from waste sheets of plastic film… the film’s original purpose was to protect pieces of plexiglass. (apparently Jamie worked in a manufacturing type plant that threw away this stuff by the boatload) There are details of the project on Jamie’s site, as well as on Craftster. One thing to note is that the bodice is made up of those little take-away mustard packages!
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Created by eco-designer, Gary Harvey, this dress is made with cans, bottle tops and cardboard boxes.

Another dress by fashion designer, Gary Harvey which uses 30 copies of the Financial Times. I supposed for the Inauguration, it would be more appropriate to use the Chicago Sun Times …unfortunately you loose that nice pink hue of the FT. Gary has done an entire collection of couture dresses that is made up entirely from recycled materials.
More info at Gary Harvey Creative

This eco ball gown is created from recycled men’s ties. Other garments available created from recycled ties are ballgowns, cocktail party dresses, corsets, skirts, halters, vests, underbusts and belts.
Glamarita’s Etsy Shop for $175.00

A wonderful eco-fashion creation from Nina Valenti who designs for Naturevsfuture. This was a dress created from over 6,000 used and misprinted ‘Honest Kids’ juice drink pouches. The gown was worn by pianist Soyeon Lee who donned the dress for a Carnegie Hall performance.
[via Inhabitat]

Nancy Judd, from Recycle Runway in Sante Fe volunteered heavily in the Obama/Biden campaign this past fall. The day after the election she wasted no time and did a bit of “dumpster diving” behind Obama Campaign headquarters and struck recycled gold. She will be wearing this dress to the inauguration.

The Wall Street Journal has a story about Nancy Judd and Recycle Runway, written by Stephanie Simon, called “‘Trashion’ Trend: Dumpster Couture Gets a Boost at Green Inaugural Ball” which includes a slideshow of many Nancy’s best creations.

Another gorgeous creation from Nancy Judd and Recycled Runway. Made with aproximately 12,000 pieces of crushed glass which were individually clued to a 1930s style ball gown made from upholstery fabric remnants.

One more from the fabulous Recycled Runway. This dress is made from colorful junk mail which was folded into fans and sewn onto a skirt and dress made of scrap canvas.
More info at Recycled Runway

Imagine meeting Mrs. O in one of these recycled t-shirt creations! The fashion designer, Angela Johnson, has quite the sense of humor in her exotic ball gown designs. They are made completely one of a kind since each dress is created from hand picked thrifted and scavenged T-shirts. Custom orders are available where you can request certain themes or colors. These will fit so comfy you can stay out all night and enjoy that the Dems are coming to town! Get your partner to wear this Recycled Beer Box hat and you will be a stunning couple!
$400.00 T-shirt Ball Gown

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