The Penguin and the Rooster -Recycled Plastic Laptop Bag

Created from fabric that is made entirely from post consumer plastic bottles. You can keep about 20 bottles out of the landfill when you purchase this bag. Eco-friendly and stylish - get ready for school! $48.00 at Uncommon Goodsicon

One Response to “The Penguin and the Rooster -Recycled Plastic Laptop Bag”

  1. Paul Smith
    August 1st, 2008 15:02

    Those bags look great! Another example I recently had the pleasure of checking out is the recycled plastic bottle bags from Act2GreenSmart http://www.act2greensmart.com . I got the vertical messenger bag. It has a narrower profile than the typical horizontally oriented one, making it nice for walking busy streets, getting on trains, and it just somehow feels better holding books and laptop that way. It’s got pockets of different sizes, making it easier to remember what is where when you need to quickly get it. They have these nice magnetic closures, much quicker then snaps or straps. And my favorite detail? This odd sized extra pocket on the back. No real reason for it, and that’s why I love it. Check it out at http://act2greensmart.com/index_files/Page1648.htm




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