Recycled Computer Parts Art

recycled computer parts art Artist Richard H. Freund has transformed himself from software hacker to eco friendly artist by disassembling old discarded PC and Apple computers and using the techniques of collage, assemblage and and sculpture to make his masterpieces. Check out his website to see some functional pieces (clocks) and many decorative works like wierd sculptured bugs, freaky masks and collages of diskettes. Prices vary at Computer Parts Art

3 Responses to “Recycled Computer Parts Art”

  1. Patsy
    November 18th, 2007 20:56

    Can’t find your website! Would like to talk to you. Also wondering how to find a good supply of useless circuit boards and other electronic parts for ArtCar.

  2. Art With Computer Parts. | wtfpakistan.com
    February 12th, 2008 09:18

    [...] 1, 2, 3, [...]

  3. kelly sheeran
    June 2nd, 2008 12:52

    I can’t find the name of this piece of art! it just says that it is “Recycled Computer Parts Art.” It is not on the website either…Where can I find the name of the piece that looks like it has a face and also kind of resembles a tree?




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