Carnival of the Green #55


Welcome to the second annual Black Friday - Cyber Monday edition of the Carnival of the Green hosted by GreatGreenGoods

Thanks to Organic Research for hosting last week and thanks in advance to Urban Eco who will host next week. I am honored to be your host this week. If you would like to host or post to the carnival, please check out this post on treehugger. Let the fun begin: Jeremy Bruno presents Polluted Waterways of Western Maryland posted at The Voltage Gate. Very interesting photos and information on acid mine drainage in Western MD. Joe Kissell presents a look into the future of charging cell phone batteries with Ethanol Batteries / High-energy cocktails posted at Interesting Thing of the Day. The next revolution in battery technology for cell phones, laptops, and portable electronics may be special fuel cells you can recharge with a thimbleful of your favorite cocktail. Greener Magazine blogs on Global trade: neither free nor fair - Although the advent of so-called free trade has made it much easier for goods and services to cross borders, it hasn't always made life better for average people. Groovy Green gets readers to "Convince the Man to Go Green" by finding one small step that anyone can make to start to make a difference in the world. Riversider presents Views from the Riverbank posted at Save The Ribble!. Stingy Student presents Why? posted at Stingy Students. The Evangelical Ecologist suggests that we consider donations to the Salvation Army this time of year. Graham Caswell presents Imagine posted at Graham Caswell . com which is a positive look at how the next 100 years could develop, and how the challenge of Climate Change could be overcome. Leon Gettler presents Interview with Al Gore posted at Sox First when Mr. Gore was in Australia last week. Rich presents Gay and Green posted at Queercents a post on how he justifies paying more for his electricity from renewable sources. Keith Ripley presents More Construction with PET Bottles posted at The Temas Blog. And last but not least, on Triple Pundit this week, Pablo looks at the relative efficiencies of getting hot water out of the tap vs. heating it on a gas stove. If you would like more info on hosting or posting, The Carnival of the Green is managed by TreeHugger . It's a roving digest of the green blogosphere with a sustainability focus as opposed to green politics in general. Just like a regular real carnival it roams around offering a sample of its world.