The Junkman and his Junk Music

Several years ago, Donald Knaack made a commitment to exclusively compose-for and perform-on junk, objects that have been discarded and everyday household objects - all recycled for the purpose of music. The result is called Junk Music ™. "Junk Music ™ is made from junk, but it doesn't sound like junk. When they hear it, most people think its some type of regular percussion that's been electronically altered. But it's 100% pure Vermont recycled materials. I believe it's the most basic form of world music as it contains two elements that are common in most modern societies: an abundance of junk and music." said Knaack. The Junkman is the ultimate recycler and takes the concepts of recycling to new creative levels by choosing discarded objects that once had a specific function (such as an automobile brake drum) and giving those objects a new life as instruments of music. "Taking a discarded object, that once had a specific function, and transforming that object into a sound-producing object has both a great recycling message as well as fresh innovative sound from which I can create a new music. That to me is true creativity. It gives me the opportunity to continue to test my muse: tools that are no good require more skill" said Knaack. Junk Music ™ has performed for a wide variety of audiences and with a wide variety of performers from PHISH to Twyla Tharp to Conan O'Brien to First Night Boston. CDs are available for purchase here. Official music of our blogathon....SUVs SUCK gasoline