Stuff made from old recycled tires

It's February ...let's live it up and talk about recycled tires. They are ugly and sometimes smelly and black. But they make for some darn fun recycled products. envelope bag from recycled tires 1. Vulcana, Inc.'s Envelope Bags. Vulcana has loads of products made from tires taken from Florida landfills. Through a patentend process, tires are transformed into sheet rubber which makes lovely handbags and accessories. Featured is the Envelope bag with contrasting lining and thread. Comes in all black, red/turquoise thread; orange/chartreuse thread; and turquoise/red thread. $15.00 at vulcana


Trash Can from Recycled Tires 2. The Thrash Can is made from 99% reclaimed automobile tires and recycled plastic. Apparently you can jump up and down on this thing and it will just bounce right back ...Yea! rubber!! $29.00 at BEAN products


Tire swing from recycled tires 3. MotorCycle Tire Swing is hand-crafted and artfully shaped into a variety of different animals for added fun. These wild and crazy swings are shiping completely assembled, and ready to hang and swing. $109.95 at Abundant Earth


Door mat from Recycled Tires 4. Recycled Tire Door Mats - Made from sliced up used tires, these mats have durability on their side. They are easy to clean and work great as a door mat or as an anti-fatigue mat. Cushiness at its eco-finest!! $45.00 24" x 36" at Real Goods


Messenger Bag from Recycled Tires 5. English Retread Biker Bag - This bag is extremely versatile -- could be used as an overnight bag or as a carry-all for your laptop. Black 16" x 9.5" x 3". It comes with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap made from a seatbelt. Be an environmentalist with your Groove On!! $135.00 at The Groovy Mind


Sandals from Recycled Tires 6. Splaff Sandals - Recycled tire sole, used bicycle upper, chipped tire footbed. This company can boast that there are no waste products in the manufacturing products. A ll materials used in manufacturing are reused or recycled. Support a great company while you do some flipping and flopping. $40.00 at Ecowise *TIP*Learn how to make your own recycled tire sandals here.


iPod case  from Recycled Tires 7. TREAD iPod Case - Full of quality and durablitly this iPod case is hand made and unique in its markings. Created from recycled tires, TREAD offers great protection for your iPod, while you listen to your tunes or podcasts. $14.99 at Paragon Sports


Bracelet from Recycled Tires 8. Toothy Bracelet by ReThunk made from bicycle innertubes. These bracelets are eco-fashion at its best. Custom lengths are available! $12.00 at ReThunk


Art work from Recycled Tires 9.Tire Tapestries - Joined tread tapestries are created by joining full-width tread pieces. This unique use of tire treads give the appearance of billowy, woven fabric. All are prepared and painted by hand by artist, Carolyn Butts. Put your eco-style on the wall where it belongs! Available at Carolyn Butts & Co.


Manhole rug from Recycled Tires 10. Manhole Memento Mat Take your choice of NewYork, London, or Paris, these indoor/outdoor mats are made of recycled tires. $22.95 at


BadAss Burning Rubber Paddle Catalog 11.BadAss Paddles - Artist John T. Unger's contribution to the eco-BDSM business. These paddles are not actually made from used tires ...althoughthey do contain a bit of recycled material in the new product... but rather, these are made from scrap left over from the end of the roll. After all, we prefer our paddles to be a bit more "hygenic"wink wink. Anyway, we appreciate John's effort to keep materials out of the landfill!! As pictured $70.00, $80.00 and $60.00 at Burning Rubber Paddle Catalog